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Our Story

Family. Vacation. Solutions.


Vacations have always been an important part of our lives. Family vacations bring everyone together and make relaxing and conversation come easy. 


A 2020 vacation brought some of the best conversations and problem solving we have experienced. 


While taking a beautiful boat ride on the Gulf of Mexico, we became irritated because our towels continued to slip down the seat each time we moved. 


This has been a pet peeve of ours for many years, but we'd never taken the time to really solve the problem. It had always been said in passing. This time was different. This time our brains were working on a higher level. 


We spent the whole boat ride and most of the remainder of the trip, discussing ways we could solve the problem. 


A few weeks later, we were experimenting with a few solutions. After testing those ideas, we came up with our Terry Tether design - The perfect way to keep your towel secure and eliminate towel slide.


In the process of testing, we found our solution was even more practical than we initially imagined. Our Terry Tether design worked on boats, beach chairs, pool chairs and railings all within our small, lightweight and easy to transport design.


We knew there was a market for these and we began selling them! We are blessed to be a mother and daughter team that work well together and could see this through! We have never looked back and are excited to see how our design is changing the way people enjoy their favorite activities. 


Get yours today and start enjoying your boat, beach and pool days more fully!


Made in the USA

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