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Packing for the Boat - Snacks

Heading out on the boat takes quite a bit of preparation. We've listed what you need for your boat bag here. A day on the boat definitely needs towels, Terry Tethers, drinks and of course snacks. Last week, we shared our favorite snacks for a day on the beach, the boat is similar but with more space to sit snacks, you have a few more options. Just be sure they fit easily in your bag or cooler!

Here's a list of our favorite boat snacks.

  • Veggies and Dip - with a table you have a bit more space to spread out the veggies and your favorite dip.

  • Watermelon - we love the idea of watermelon skewers like these. Fun and easy to hold while providing vitamins and hydration!

  • Skewer snacks - peach, prosciutto, mozzarella and basil bites are always hit! Other ideas are caprese skewers and fruit kabobs.

  • Chips and dip - a classic but staple for the boat. Easy to pack and the salt in the chips is great for those hot days in the sun.

  • Protein balls - these are a great quick snack that takes up minimal space and packs great protein to keep you energized.

  • Pinwheels - there are so many variations of these to make, you can mix it up for every boat ride! We love making these fiesta pinwheels - and if you bring salsa for the chips you can use that for dipping the pinwheels in as well!

Don't forget to pack your paper towels, wet wipes and small plates.

Now it's your turn... what would you add to our list of boat snacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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