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Pool Party Must-Haves

It's almost pool season and the pool party planning has begun! We've got a list of the things you must-have this pool party season!

There is nothing like a pool party with good friends. Keep everyone comfortable and having fun with a little preparation. There are so many fun things to include in your next pool party, here is our list of must-have items for the party of the year.

Pool Party Must-Haves:

  • Pool Floats If you are spending all day at the pool, you definitely need some floats to lounge and relax with.

  • Extra Towels Inevitably someone will forget their towel, lose their towel in the pool, or just need an extra one. Have some ready to be put to use quickly.

  • Towel Clips Keep towels dry and secure while you are enjoying the pool fun. Towel clips are the perfect accessory for all of your guests.

  • Pool Games Lounging in the pool is fun, but it's also nice to have some pool games to play and bring on some extra competition.

  • Snacks Pool snacks are a necessity at any pool party. Keep your guests from getting hungry. Set up a table or counter with snacks that are easy to grab and go. Be sure they are ok in the heat, you wouldn't want that cheese dip to go rancid while you are enjoying the day.

  • Drinks and Ice Whether it is BYOB or you are providing the drinks, be sure to have extra water and non-alcoholic options available for your guests when the day heats up. Ice for everyone to use is also a great addition.

  • Sunscreen Like the towels we mentioned earlier, an extra few bottles of sunscreen will come in handy for that guest that is getting roasted.

What else would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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