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10 Ways to Use Your Beach Towel Clips

Summer is fast approaching with days at the pool, on the beach, and in the boat, soaking up the sun and having fun.

One thing we never leave the house without is a set of beach towel clips.

They are a day-to-day and summer necessity!

Beach Towel Clips - Beach, Boat and Pool

You may think that beach towel clips are only for your beach towel, but you would be surprised at how many other ways you can use them in your daily life. Here are 10 of our favorite beach towel clip uses.

Top 10 Ways to Use Your Beach Towel Clips

  1. Air Drying Items on the Boat - Just attach and let the breeze do the work.

  2. Hanging Towels and Swimsuits in a Hotel - Looking to dry out your swimsuit quickly and easily? Wrap your towel clip around the curtain rod in the hotel room and clip your swimsuit. Easy and effective.

  3. Keeping the Sand Off your Items at the Beach - Hang your bag from your tent, your towel on your chair, and anything else you want to keep from being covered in sand.

  4. Hanging Items On a Cruise - Hang your binoculars, swimsuits, and more from your balcony.

  5. On a Road Trip - Use your towel clips to attach a bag for trash, headphones, etc. while you travel. Perfect for road trips with kids!

  6. In the Airport - Hook your towel clip to your carry-on as you walk through the airport. Attach your sun hat to your clip and enjoy hands-free travel to your terminal.

  7. On a Hike - Wrap your towel clip to a tree branch to hold your backpack while you enjoy your snack.

  8. On a Beach Bag - Save room in your bag for the big items, hook your sunglasses and hat to the outside using your towel clips.

  9. Golfing - Wrap your towel clip around the golf cart bar and hang your golf gloves or towel instead of tossing them into the cubbies.

  10. Securing Your Beach Towel - On the boat, at the pool, at the beach - wherever you are heading secure your towel in a snap.

Summer, vacations, or day-to-day, no matter where and what you are doing, your beach towel clips are a handy accessory to bring along. They are extremely versatile, portable, and useful in so many ways!

Here's to summer and the warm beautiful days that will soon arrive!
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