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The Ultimate Boat Accessory - Beach Towel Clip For Your Boat

Not all beach towel clips are created equal. Does your towel clip work on a boat, chair and rail?

Ours does! And yours can, too!

Typical towel clips work well on beach and pool chairs, but they have no way to secure your towel on a boat.

Now you can use your beach towel clips at the beach, pool, AND on the boat!

Terry Tethers are the ONLY towel clip that uses the snaps on your boat to secure your towel, hat, flip flops, bag, or anything else you want to keep from flying out of the boat.

Stop struggling to keep your items secure in your boat. Let Terry Tethers take care of that! Now you can relax as you coast across the water!

And using your Terry Tethers is easy!

Attach your Terry Tethers to the item with the clip or loop and then snap it to any of the snaps on your boat. In an instant, your items are secure, and you can sit back and relax.

No snaps? No problem!

Terry Tethers attach to any rail, as well.

Just clip or loop your item with the Terry Tether, wrap your Terry Tether around the rail and snap it to itself! Now you are ready to enjoy the day at sea… No snaps necessary!

Use them on your boat, at the beach, at the pool, in the airport, on a hike, on a cruise, anywhere you need to keep something secure! Their slim design makes them the perfect accessory to take with you everywhere!

Terry Tethers are the most innovative, versatile and sought after boat accessory on the market!

You cannot afford to keep losing your belongings at sea! Get your Terry Tethers today, and

secure your towel, and so much more, in a snap!

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