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Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter is a season of rejoicing. Prepare for the coming summer, fill their Easter Baskets with the things they need and want for the pool, beach, and outdoors.

We've compiled a list of our favorite Easter Basket Fillers that get everyone ready for the summer months ahead. Get creative with these seasonal ideas.

Easter Basket Gift List:

Easter Basket gift ideas
  • Swimsuit & Cover-Up - A new swimsuit, swim trunks, and cute cover-up are the perfect gift for Easter.

  • Flip-flops - We all can use an extra pair of flip-flops when summer rolls around. these are the perfect filler for Easter Baskets as they fill in space and are a cheap and easy addition.

  • Beach Towel - Personal style for each kid, beach towels are a great gift at Easter time.

  • Beach Towel Clips - Add these to your Easter basket for added relaxation, dry towels, and a better pool, boat, and beach experience for you and your kids.

  • Beach Bag - This is a great way to give your kids a bit more responsibility in a small way. Let them carry their towel, towel clips, toys, and more - plus you can save your arms in the process!

  • Sunglasses - Sun protection all year long. A cute pair of sunglasses is a great addition to hang from the Easter basket.

  • Goggles - Keep their eyes protected in the water and let them dive deep with a new pair of goggles this year.

  • Pool and Beach Toys - From floats to sports balls, anything they can use at the pool and beach to keep them enjoying the day, as you relax in the water or soak up rays in your chair.

  • Swim Shoes - Heading to the beach or a pool with a rough bottom? Swim shoes are a great way to keep their feet comfortable.

Stress less and enjoy the Easter season. Fill their baskets and stock up on the items you need for the summer, without the unnecessary things they don't need.

What other ideas would you add to this list?
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