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Another Gift to the Sea? Not With Our Boat Towel Clip!

Are you tired of losing items into the water? We were!

Boating should not be a constant struggle to keep things from flying out of the boat. You should be able to relax and know that your towels, hats, shoes, etc. are secured in the boat, so you can enjoy the ride.

In 2020, we were tired of the struggle to keep items in the boat secure, on what should have been a relaxing boat ride. The up and down, grab and stash, was becoming tedious and we knew we needed to find a solution.

After days of research and finding no solution, we put our heads together and invented the Terry Tether.

We wanted to create a product that was of high quality, built to withstand saltwater and the sun, and was created in the United States. As a mother-daughter team, we used our unique skills to create a high quality, USA made, product that surpassed our initial goals!

Our boat towel clip, allows boaters to stop fussing over the items flying in and out of the boat, so they can relax and enjoy their time on the water.

Terry Tethers secure your items on the boat using the open cover snaps or rails of the boat itself. Using a snap, loop and clip to secure your items you can customize where and what you secure.

We hear from customers daily, telling us how much more relaxing their boat rides are with Terry Tethers. They love that they can secure so many different items that would previously have been another gift to the sea.

Terry Tethers are becoming the hottest boat accessory on the market and continue to create a more relaxing atmosphere for all boaters! Get yours today and see why boaters everywhere are using Terry Tethers to secure their items in a snap!

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