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Boat Lover Gift Idea List

Do you have a boat lover on your Christmas list this year?

Here are some of our favorite gift ideas for boat lovers.

Our Boat Lover Gift List:

Boat Bag

Every boat lover, knows how important a good bag is for all the boat necessities. Boat bags are simple and can be found to match anyone on your list’s personality. You can even use it as the gift bag and fill it with simple items like beach towels, Terry Tethers, and a hat. We've even got a handy list to help you pick items to stuff the boat bag with here.

Lightweight Sweatshirt

After a day in the sun or when the breeze gets cool. A good lightweight sweatshirt is a must-have when on the boat. These are a great way to bring in their personality, too.

Beach Towels

Can you really ever have too many beach towels? We believe you can always use a new one. There are so many options when it comes to beach towels. Boat lovers use their towels quite often, so they need to have some to replenish the worn-out towels. Yet again, this is a great opportunity to find something that fits their personality.

Terry Tethers

Shameless plug here... if you are purchasing a gift for a boat lover, we must include our Terry Tethers. They will keep their towel secure in a snap, providing a more relaxing ride for them and their guests. Sold in sets of two, they are a perfect fit for stockings or in addition to a beach bag or beach towel.


Koozies come in many shapes and sizes and are a great gift for any boat lover. Have fun with these, there are great koozies with quotes and designs that will fit your boat lover’s personality.


Maybe the boat lover on your list would prefer using a cup instead of a can/bottle, opt for a tumbler instead. With so many different types of tumblers, you can definitely find one to fit their style and drink choi