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Winter Beaches to Visit - West Coast

The last of the United States winter beaches we are going to dig into is the West Coast. With mild weather and cooler waters, the beach going in the southern west coast is year round. Here are a few favorites to visit in the winter.

Laguna Beach, California

With highs still in the 60-70 range, it's a little cooler than other times of the year but still enjoyable. Water temperature tends to be quite chilly in winter, but the beaches are still as beautiful and you can enjoy a nice walk along the shore any time of year.

Take a walk through Crystal Cove State Park for a fun exploration. Hiking trails, beaches and tidepools will keep you busy throughout the day.

Spend some time at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to learn more about the Pacific Ocean mammals and the rehabilitation process that these rescued animals are going through. Get an up-close view of rescued sea lions and seals from the west coast.

Whether you like a good adventure, animals or a stroll on the beach, Laguna Beach will have something for you.

La Jolla, California

As suburb of San Diego, La Jolla is a great area to visit and the tourism is lower during the winter which provides ample opportunities with less crowds. Temperatures are generally a little cooler, averaging in the 50-60s, but it is clear and beautiful.

Even in cooler temperatures, there are still activities on the water like kayaking, scuba diving and paddle boarding.

Or if an aquarium is more your speed, the Birch Aquarium at Scripps is a great opportunity to enjoy the marine life of the area.

Want to be on the water but without the high chance of getting soaked, take a day to paraglide or rent a boat. Both offer great views of the area and will keep you from getting too wet on a cool day.

Winter is also a great time for whale watching. Take the view in from the beach or on a whale watching cruise. Either way, you are in for a magnificent sight.

Oahu, Hawaii

Known as Hoolio (winter) in Hawaii, and the daytime temperatures are in the 70s. Perfect weather for a day on the beach or exploring the beautiful island. '

If whale watching peeks your interest, you are in a prime spot for the experience of a lifetime. Humpback whales winter in Hawaii so you are sure to spot the beautiful large mammals on your explorations.

Because of the perfect temperatures, flowers are always blooming in Hawaii making a beautiful walk and hike through the mountains and ridges to magnificent views.

If surfing is an adventure you'd like to take, Hawaii offers great surfing lessons and experiences. Or if you'd rather watch from shore, take in a surf competition in the area while you visit.

The west coast is a great area to visit over the winter months. With mild temperatures, beautiful views and fun activities, you are sure to make a vacation you will remember forever.

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