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What to Pack for a Day at the Beach

Sand in your toes, crashing waves and the sun in the sky, make the beach one of our favorite spots to spend a day. Packing your bag for the beach does not have to be a stressful task. We’ve put together a checklist to help with your beach bag packing essentials. No more getting to the beach only to realize you forgot an important item.

Here are a few things you will want to remember when packing your beach bag (get our complete free, printable beach bag checklist here).

  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker – the beach and music are a perfect match. Be sure to pack your speaker in your bag and check that it is charged and ready to use. We like to have an extra battery backup just in case we run out while we are out.

  • Hat – keep the sun off your face with a good hat. We love one that can roll up and fit easily in the bag for ease and using a Terry Tether to attach it to the bag works wonders as well.

  • Towel – Whether you plan to get into the water or just watch from the shore, you will want to have a towel. We prefer rolling our towels to make them all easy to access and they take up less space.

  • Terry Tether– since you are bringing a towel, you definitely need your Terry Tethers. Attach your towel to your chair and relax knowing it won’t fall down your back or fly off your chair with the ocean breeze. We keep ours hooked to our bag, so we always know we have them ready to go.

  • Snacks ad Drinks – stay hydrated and keep the munchies at bay, by packing a few drinks and some snacks for the day.

  • Sunscreen – we like to apply our sunscreen before we head out and then bring the bottle with us for reapplication.

Download our complete Beach Bag Packing Checklist here. Our checklist is easy to print and put in or near your beach bag for easy reference. Plus it’s Free! Download your Beach Bag Packing Checklist and never stress while packing your bag again!

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