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Packing for the Beach - Snacks

A day at the beach requires a bit of planning. Packing the necessities like towels, Terry Tethers and sunscreen are very important, but definitely don't forget the snacks.

The best beach snacks are those that are easy to eat with least amount of mess. The key is to make sure they fit in your cooler, snack bag or picnic basket so using small containers or baggies are key!

Here is a list of our favorite beach snacks.

  • Trail Mix - we love trail mix, and making a homemade trail mix is easy! These are some great trail mix recipes for a quick and easy trail mixes everyone will enjoy!

  • Granola Bars - easy for a grab and go snack. Make sure you grab one with protein to keep your energy levels up!

  • Crackers and Cheese - This is a bit more work to prepare, but using a small separated container like these, makes packing the crackers and cheese as well as keeping it cold a cinch!

  • Hummus and Pita - Individual packs are great for these. We love the pretzel and hummus packs for quick easy on-the-beach snacking.

  • Homemade Pinwheels - Prepare these a day ahead and grab them as you walk out the door. There are many variations, but this Mexican Pinwheel recipe is our favorite.

  • Veggie Wraps - Another easy to make ahead snack. These are delicious and nutritious all in one bite!

  • Fruit - We love apples, pears, grapes (fresh and frozen) and berries for easy to eat snacks.

Don't forget a bag for your trash, utensils (if needed), wet wipes, and napkins.

Now it's your turn... what would you add to our list of beach snacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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