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Help Mom Relax this Mother's Day - Beach Towel Clips

Mothers Day Gift - Terry Tether Beach Towel Clips

Moms love, and need, to relax more!

From the moment they wake up to the moment they close their eyes (and sometimes multiple times throughout the night) they are on call for their children (and husband).

Mother's Day is right around the corner, your mom would love a gift that will help her find the relaxation she needs.

We've got the solution! Terry Tether Beach Towel Clips!

Terry Tether Beach Towel Clips will solve one of the many annoyances she faces each summer... towel slide at the pool, beach and on the boat!

Terry Tether Beach Towel Clips - Beach, Pool, Boat

Terry Tether Beach Towel Clips secure her towel in a snap! Anytime she is using a beach towel this summer, she will not be wasting precious time adjusting her beach towel every time she gets out of her chair to help a child or moves to grab the tenth snack!

Help your mom get the relaxation she deserves this summer! Purchase a set (or two) of Terry Tethers, today and she will thank you all summer long!

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